Sunday, January 28, 2018

Taskmaster and Social Media Manager

Taskmaster and Social Media Manager; Founded and moderated numerous social media resources for lead generation and talent acquisition purposes. Virtual Workers of America has over 80k members. Other resources include but not limited to healthcare, nursing, technology, sales & marketing and regional community groups. I provide taskmaster services by recruiting and managing remote workers for business projects. Skills include interviewing and setting appointments with decision makers.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Virtual Workers of America

Welcome to the Virtual Workers of America website. VWA is here for the virtual worker. We help you wade through the sea of work at home jobs and not waste time and resources on the one's that are down on the list.

Most of the activity is in our social media forums, where you can read reviews and comments from other virtual workers who have either worked or applied to work for a particular employer.

Even before you are working, be a Ninja at doing searches. Start today in with our group.

New members to our Facebook group notice the "Search this Group" box with a magnifying glass just above the number of members and pic section(on your right). When you want to know something about a company do a keyword search of the group and there is a good chance you find reviews from others on it. By doing so not only will not only find your information more quickly than waiting for an answer but you will also if you reply move it up so others will give you their thoughts and experience on the company.

When your are working, you will be a hero in the call center if you can do keyword searches. It really pays to teach yourself how to do keyword searches not only here in Facebook but other places too. It's all about finding information. Your employer will insist on it. They don't want to hire people who always ask questions about things they could have easily found out themselves. Members here should appreciate that from us, your friends, are telling you rather than a supervisor thinking you are high maintenance and decides to cut you.

Later in this doc we will continue discussing doing background checks on the employers you are thinking about working for. What sources you can use and how to take an opinion with a grain of salt.

Be sure to join our Virtual Workers of America at Facebook for the latest discussions on the virtual and the work at home employment industry. You will no doubt need to have Facebook open in another browser.